IMM 2009 Newsletter 3

imm2009.jpgDear Fellow Multihullers!

This Newsletter starts to be a habit and we have to admit that we are starting to be a bit jealous of you, our visitors. You have something in front of you that we will miss – the journey to IMM! But! We will meet You here! We will try to point out some of the great places you will pass on the way here. Make a stop and discover what these harbours have in place for you. Maybe we can give you a tip of what to find?

If you are coming from the southwest, maybe passing Kiel head straight up in between Langeland and Lolland. Then go east into Smålandsfarvandet and enjoy sheltered waters with small idyllic islands. Lower your anchor and just relax. Or – dock at Bandholm harbour and take the kids to Knuthenborg Safaripark?

Next day you continue east under the beautiful Storstrømsbridge,
head a bit northeast up under the newer Farøbridge into the magnificent
shallow part called Bøgestrømmen. Kalvehave is a small very charming
harbour perfect for lunch and Præstø is maybe a place for the night,
very well protected.

Now we are headed for the sea again, going
northeast out through the very narrow but easy navigated stream, just
follow the coast north and soon you will see Rødvig, famous for its
fishing industry and friendly guest harbour. Lunch anyone? The rest of
the navigation up to Copenhagen is easy, just follow the other
Multihulls over Køge Bugt and you will arrive at Dragør. The fort was
the southeast protection for the Copenhagen and a very nice place to
visit before you enter the “Big City”. We will give you more examples
of “How to come to us” in the upcoming Newsletters. Welcome to Öresund!

Take a look at our own Google map and discover your summer vacation!

a special feature we are presenting producers and importers of our
Multihulls. They will be present at the IMM 2009 waiting to be visited
by you.

This time we are proud to present Dragonfly, produced by
Quorning Boats. They are responsible for many of the dreams of
Multihull sailing in our world, and I know the Danish sailors are very
proud of them. Please visit the Website at:

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The IMM 2009 Crew