IMM 2009 Newsletter 2


Dear Fellow Multihullers!

It is time for our second Newsletter and we really appreciate the response of the first one. We really have the feeling that this IMM will something extra. It could be the attraction of the Very nice IMM Crew or that the plans for the event is getting better by the day – But – It is most likely the thrill of our beautiful Copenhagen filled with wild Multihuller´s!

We are speaking about a meeting placed in the centre of Copenhagen, the largest city in Scandinavia. Our closest neighbours are The Cruise ships, The Little Mermaid and The Danish Royal Family! We have everything at close range – walk, use your cute little bikes or the Zodiac.

Put on a pair of good walking shoes, get out of the boat and head
into town. After a couple of minutes you will pass the Little Mermaid
on her stone in the water. A bit later if you are lucky you will see
the Danish Royal Ship Dannebrog and we will ask the Royalties to stand
by for a chat, but only if you want – we will tell them to be discreet.
Go on and in a moment you will be in Nyhavn, some years ago this was
the dark dangerous center of the harbour. Now it is perfect for some
refreshments – take a chair in the sun for a while and drink what
Denmark is famous for. Then you cross Kongens Nytorv and go straight to
Ströget, the famous pedestrian street where you can find everything
from B&O to the Royal Danish Porcelain. Continue as quickly as you
are aloud by the rest of the family and soon you will arrive at Tivoli,
Copenhagen’s amusement park in the absolute centre of the city.

was just one short example among all the rest surrounding IMM 2009. For
your convenience we draw a map for you, just use this link.

a special feature, we will show you the brave people that have put on
themselves to widen the use of our beautiful Multihull´s. They are not
presented in any special order and we will bring you more in each
Newsletter. They will be present at the IMM 2009 waiting to be visited
by you.

This time we are proud to present DanKat, the importer of Fountaine Pajot. Please visit the Website at:

Please direct all interested in our Newsletters to:

Start to fill in the application form on our website, Povl is concerned for the space.

The IMM 2009 Crew