IMM 2009 Newsletter 7


Dear Fellow Multihuller´s!

Welcome to Öresund!

When you arrive here from the north there is two sides of the sound to explore, the West and the East – the Danish and the Swedish. Two coasts with totally different character – really an exciting reason to explore it.

The Danish side with a touch of the Continent and the Swedish maybe a little bit colder on the surface but there is a lot to discover. On the Danish side there are numerous harbours from Dragør in the south to Helsingør in the North, historically this is the Golden Coast of  Denmark where the rich and famous lived, which of course have influenced the variety of experiences in the area. With a lower population the Swedish side has fewer harbours but there are some pearls we will tell you about, and Sweden has adjusted the currency to a very attractive level just for IMM 2009.

If we start from the north, the narrow sound between Helsingør and Helsingborg has always been a busy place. In the past it was a very important income as the Danish Crown collected customs money from every ship that passed and this was two third of the countries income. This founded the base for all the fantastic places we today can visit along the coast – did they do all this for IMM 2009? Probably!

Helsingør have a large harbour well protected even with strong wind and current from Kattegat. You will find everything you need to the boat and there are nice restaurants at the harbour, climb over the harbour wall to the north and a wonderful beach is reaching as long as you can manage to walk. There are even a small beach between the harbour and Kronborg. The castle Kronborg is famous as the place where Hamlet in Sheakspear´s play resided. Besides being very beautiful it has museums and everything a curious explorer can ask for. Then there are just short stroll up to the city centre – very nice!

A bit south there is a small village called Humlebæk famous for two things, its small harbour and the world famous art museum Louisiana. This summer the exhibitions cover the architects need to find our future way of life, the need to form new ways to build. Does this not sound like the Multihuller´s way of life? This harbour is so small so it can be a good idea to drop your anchor just outside the museum – that is wonderful. When everyone aboard have gotten theirs proceed to Rungsted or Vedbæk, both modern harbours with all facilities, shops and nice woods to stretch your legs in. Karin Blixen´s house is just 200 meters from Rungsted harbour – she was the author of My Africa. Being in Rungsted it is a very good idea to visit KDY, the Royal Danish Yacht club. Eat or just enjoy a drink at their establishment at second floor with a wonderful view of Öresund, to very reasonable prices.

Next step south is Taarbæk, a very small cosy harbour with a wonderful atmosphere. There is the typical Danish little village enter with the shops and eating close to the water. You are located just between two very exciting places to visit – DyrehavsBakken and the Royal castle The Hermitage Palace.
Skovshoved is next on your journey to Copenhagen closely followed by Hellerup. Both have a huge place in Danish sailing – Skovshoved sins it is one of KDY´s harbours and Hellerup with Paul Elvstrøm as one of its famous residents. His last boat was a tri from Quarning.

The greater Copenhagen will be covered in next Newsletter so we will jump to the south side where we find Dragør. As we said in the earlier letter this was the southern protection for Copenhagen in old times, today it is a jewel. Silent and nice with all you need and very close to the big city, a piece of Denmark.

Across the water on the Swedish side you will find Skanör, a small harbour with sandy beaches perfect on a sunny day. This is the southwest corner of Sweden, a very important fishing village during the old times, they say that 40.000 people worked here in the fishing industry. Sail north and you will pass under the  bridge between the countries and soon you will arrive to Limhamn, the harbour just south of Malmö. Malmö is the third city of Sweden if you are speaking about its population but it is becoming more and more important as a gate to Europe for Sweden.

Now we will jump the centre of the Swedish side – Landskrona. This is a city with very strong Danish influences, as a border town it has been in the hands of both the Danes and the Swedes. This have of course put its marks and made it a very popular place to visit for sailors and tourists. The island Hven in the middle of Öresund is part of Landskrona and famous of course for its beauty but also for Tycho Brahe, the famous scientist that among many other things change the world’s view of the solar system with his astronomical work.

The harbour to visit in Landskrona is Lustbåtshamnen with its yacht club LSS, a club that always have a special eye for Multihulls!

This letter was a bit late due to what we all do now – fixing up our boats. But our beloved and very hardworking Regatta Manager Povl Schmidt tell us that it is time to pay up to avoid the higher penalty price after the first of June.
To remind you the prices are:

Regatta fee (Pr. boat)            400DKK
After 01 june                        600DKK
Official dinner (Adults)           300DKK
Official dinner (Adolescent                  10 – 18 Years)                      150 DKK
Official dinner                           (Children Below 10 Years)      FREE

Payment details

Bank account number    3487 936 048
Registration number    2419
IBAN    DK9420003487936048

Almost free and wonderful!

So next letter will among other cover Copenhagen and the very spectacular roundtrip in the canals that will be organised only for you!

Take a look at our own Google map and discover your summer vacation!

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The IMM 2009 Crew