IMM 2009 Newsletter 1


 Dear Fellow Multihullers!

We want with this small Newsletter start the communication process with all our participants of the IMM 2009 in Copenhagen.
Our aim is gathering e-mail addresses to all Multihuller´s that could be interested in the IMM 2009. We will send out Newsletters regularly with information about the meeting, interesting cruising-places in the local area and everything else that could be exciting for visiting sailors.

The e-mail address to direct all interested in the Newsletters is:

It would also be very nice if you could find photos and videos from earlier meetings that we could place on the webpage. This is moments in life when we meet old friends and what could be better than remember the fun parts now in the dark winter, while making plans for the summer?

This is also the moment for everyone to make wishes about special things to see in Copenhagen – we have the possibilities to meet many wishes in this early part of the planning process. Just contact us and we will see what we can do.
Now we just want to wish you a peaceful ending of this year and A FANTASTIC NEW YEAR!

The IMM 2009 Crew