IMM 2009 Newsletter 4


Dear Fellow Multihuller´s!

Last Newsletter covered the trip from Kiel to Copenhagen. This time we thought it is time to call on the Norwegians.  It is said that they use their “Lusekofte med Reindyr” even in the summer up there. Let’s see if they bring them to IMM. Maybe the Norwegian choir?

If you start somewhere in the in the north-western Scandinavia there are mainly two ways to go south, the beautiful way along the Swedish coast through Bohuslän or you can go Vikingstyle straight down to Skagen  and on to Läsö and Anholt for amazing views. It is really to visit another world. If the weather is right anchor in Pakhusbugten on the south side of Anholt, enjoy the sandy beaches and clear water. Then you have trip of around 50 nautical down to the entrance of Öresund.

The other way south is trough or just outside Bohuslän. Take a slow ride inside the archipelagic, stop at nice islands along the way, there are plenty. Why not start with the Koster Islands outside Strömstad? There is so much to tell about Bohuslän and you can decide depending on the weather, In Light winds the Väderöarna is hard to resist just west of Fjällbacka, if it roughens up just dive in between the islands and explore the safe way down to Göteborg. Take the narrow sound in to Hamburgsund if you need to fill up your stocks and continue down to the island Dannemark outside Heestrand for the night. A wonderful place for the whole family and a sunset to die for! Soten kanalen is the natural channel down to Kungshamn and Smögen, centres of the fishing industry in Bohuslän. Depending on your mood there are two places with heavy partying and crowdie harbours, Smögen and Marstrand. To see them is a must and then you can decide for yourself. Enjoy the seafood. Round Lysekil to the east and head for the entrance of the Male Strömmar, this is a very safe way through Listerlandet where you have to visit the little island Bassholmen with its famous old wooden boatyard that also is a museum. This is a place to relax and enjoy old times.

If you choose to go outside Orust there are two places not to be missed – Gullholmen and Käringön. Both are typical coastal/island villages for this part of the world. Picture a silent early morning alone at a cliff by the water just being there – you will survive the next winter with that feeling! The typical way south towards Marstrand will for obvious reasons (Great views) be through Mollösund and Kyrkesund, narrow channels with everything to see. Soon you will approach Marstrand and I think a stop here is a must. This island has a lot of history with the controversies between Sweden and Denmark, I am glad we like each other better now! The village started its expansion when the herring was couth in enormous amounts and after that it became a summer place for the royalties and the rich and famous from Göteborg. Göteborg is of course a place to visit when you are in the neighbourhood; this is the busiest commercial harbour in Sweden and has all the facilities you need. Choose between Lilla Bommen in the centre of the city with everything at your feet or the maybe more convenient Långedrag with GKSS, the Royal Yacht cub of Göteborg. It is maybe easier to moor here and if you want to visit the city just get on the tram and you will be there shortly.From Göteborg it is easy to find Öresund – just go south follow the Swedish coast or visit Anholt.Hallands Väderö is a small archipelago just outside Torekov with a protected area with seals on the southwest side.Now you are close to Öresund and to get at touch of the feeling you will get in Denmark visit Gilleleje and Hornbaek. This is two small villages with nice harbours, Gilleleje is the typical fishing harbour and Hornbaek is more the pleasure boat harbour with a very nice beach just west of the harbour. Both have the typical nice and cosy Danish feeling and it is just to enjoy!

Next step is easy and we will explore that in later Newsletters.

Welcome to Öresund!

Take a look at our own Google map and discover your summer vacation!

We have a plan to collect your pictures after the daily sailing and upload them to some sort of an FTP server. Then you can download pictures taken by someone else to your own computer. You know the feeling that you have a lot of pictures of boats but none of your own.

As a special feature we are presenting producers and importers of our Multihulls.They will be present at the IMM 2009 waiting to be visited by you.

This time we are proud to present Lagoon, imported by Catamaran Yachting. Lagoon first made its mark on the racing monohulls and multihulls circuits with Pierre Ier, Fleury Michon, etc., whose winning record remains unbeaten to this day. Lagoon has also responded to one-off requirements such as the construction of the extraordinary trimarans for the movie Waterworld.Now they are one of the giants producing cruising multihulls.

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